Foundation Repair & More in the Buffalo, NY Area

From the inside to the outside to underneath your home, we can take care of those complicated, hard-to-reach jobs that should be left in the hands of professionals. P & G Woods Construction is here to make sure your home is safe and in full working order in Buffalo, NY. From your drainage systems to sump pump systems, to so much more. We are committed to your home’s basement, making sure it’s properly waterproofed and crack-free. 

We can Install Drain Tile Systems

Did you know that we are able to quickly waterproof your foundation and install your drain til system in Buffalo, NY?  A drain tile system is extremely important to keep you foundation dry. It can prevent flooding, and keep everything in your basement from being damaged. Water problems are often a huge issue in many basements. In the Buffalo, NY area, with the amount of water we receive, it is important to have an expert install your drain tile system the correct way. The professionals at P & G Woods Construction Co. can determine where the most water is coming in and install your drain tile system in no time. Before you have extreme water damage, call us for an appointment!

Exterior Drain Tile

P & G Woods Construction Can Take Care of Any Basement or Foundation Issue!
When you need superior crack repair in Buffalo, NY, P & G Woods Construction Co is the company to call. We repair all types of cracks and can have your basement walls looking as good as new. We offer all types of concrete work so you know were experienced. Don’t go to the hardware store and try to repair your crack on your own. We offer economical crack repair and keep up to date on the latest and greatest techniques to get the job done correctly. Contact us today to talk about how we can help!

Basement Waterproofing is Our Forte!

Basement waterproofing is easily one of the most important things you could do for basement. It is one thing that also often gets overlooked. When it rains or snows here in Buffalo, NY, having your basement waterproofed is definitely something you’d want. 

At P & G Woods, we offer top notch basement waterproofing, foundation repair services and more!

• Basement Waterproofing
• Residential Foundation Reinforcement
• Property Drainage Systems
• Interior Drain Tile Systems

• Mold Removal
• Foundation Repair & Sealants
• Sump Pump Systems
• Bubbler Systems

• All Types of Concrete Work
• Wall Crack Repairs
• Basement Walls and Flooring Painting
• And More!

Ask About Our Foundation Repair Services Today!
The next time you find mold growing in your basement, problems with your sump pump not working properly, or cracks in your basements walls, call on the experts from P & G Woods Construction. Paul and his team will arrive to your home promptly to make your basement as good as new again, no matter how many problems you’re having or how old your home may be. 

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